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perfect mason 4
"Perfect Mason IV"  - 24x36in - Oil on Panel 

by the sea
"By The Sea" 36x24in Oil on Panel

Jelly Pile
"Jelly Pile" Oil on 48x60x2in panel
Available - $38,000 - at 
Quidley & Co

four clear bottles
"Four Clear Bottles" Oil on 40x60in Canvas
Available $24,000 - at Maybaum Gallery

"Bottles SQuared" Oil on 48x48x2in panel
Available - $34,000 - at
Quidley & Co

the seven
"The Seven" Oil on Panel - 48x60x2in
Available - $40,000 - at 
Quidley & Co

"Big Glass" Oil on Panel - 5x8ftx2in Diptych (two panel)
Available - $80,000 - at 
Quidley & Co

"Box of Glass" Oil on Panel 72x48in - Sold at 
Quidley & Co

"Ten Glass Bottles" 48x36in Oil on Panel - Sold at Maybaum Gallery

"Glass From Above" 36x48in oil on Aluminum panel - Sold at Maybaum Gallery

box of bottles
"Box of Bottles" - 24x36in - Oil on Panel - Sold at Maybaum Gallery

The Four
"The Four" - 40x60in - Oil on Canvas - Available at Maybaum Gallery

"Jelly Beans 6" 24x36in oil on panel - Sold at Quidley & Co

"The Blues" 36x48in Oil on Panel - Sold at Quidley & Co

"Fink's" 36x48in Oil on Aluminum
- Sold at Quidley & Co

a closer look
"A Closer Look" 48x36in Oil on Aluminum
- Available at Quidley & Co

"Sea of Green and Blue" 36x24in oil on panel - Sold at Quidley & Co

"Glass Jungle" - Oil on Canvas - 48x60in
- Sold at Quidley & Co

"Light Blue II" - oil on Canvas - 36x36in  Available through Maybaum Gallery

moses atwood
"Moses Atwood" - oil on Linen - 72x48in  - Sold at Quidley & Co

two if by sea
"Two if by Sea" Oil on Linen - 48x48in - Sold at Quidley & Co

jelly beans
"Jelly Beans"  Oil on Linen - 48x66in - Sold at Quidley & Co

"Close-Up" - Oil on Linen - 60x40in - Sold at Quidley & Co

"Box of Jellies" - Oil on Panel - 36x36in - Sold at Quidley & Co

"Whittemore Boston U.S.A" - Oil on Panel -16x20in - Sold at Quidley & Co

"Vintage Glass II" Oil on Linen - 40x66in - Sold at Quidley & Co

"Dr. N.C. White's" - Oil on Linen - 40x52in - Sold at Quidley & Co

perfect mason 3
"Perfect Mason III" - Oil on Linen - 42x60in - Sold at Quidley & Co

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